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The market of lab chemicals is non-transparent with many small vendors/manufacturers and a limited number of multinational vendors with a large market share.
The procurement of lab chemicals based on product characteristics is extremely complex as labeling in many cases is inconsistent which makes comparing prices very difficult if not impossible. The current procurement systems are too generic for lab chemicals and offer no standardized central database with all relevant information for the user. It is a common practice to procure lab chemicals from a limited number of large vendors even though the pricing is not transparent. Until recently, there was no central database containing the majority of vendors, large and small, with all their products registered in a structured and consistent way.

For the user, this means that there is little opportunity to compare products from different vendors on price or characteristics. Finding nonstandard lab chemicals often means checking Google to try and find a non-listed vendor. The procurement process is time-consuming and difficult to control. A compliance challenge arises from the introduced European Procurement Directive. Hospitals and universities have difficulty in complying with these rules, simply because their systems are not equipped to provide the required information. Needless to say, the procurement process of lab chemicals can be drastically improved, and that substantial savings can be made.


Eqilence has developed a unique specialized e-procurement application for lab chemicals, S-DAS.
The S-DAS application combines a normalized catalog of more than 20 million lab chemicals from all relevant vendors worldwide (250 plus) with a wide array of searchable product characteristics, dynamic pricing, and an extremely user friendly, webshop-like, user interface. S-DAS can be easily implemented and integrated with your ERP system, and it is compliant with the latest EU  Procurement Directive.

Saving costs

The S-DAS application directly provides an annual cost-saving opportunity of 8-10% of the current expenditure through its dynamic price comparison functionality. It also offers reduced off-contract spending, best price option through objective comparison, a time-saving procurement process, and full control and full insight on product spending.
The S-DAS application allows the incorporation of specific company policy criteria like animal-friendly products, sustainable products, etc. Integrated PubMed functionality is also included. Off-contract products are available through the application, and all orders will be labeled with your ERP reference numbers.
S-DAS has been developed in close cooperation with universities and hospitals and is now being launched in the Netherlands. Initial launch customers have been UMC-Utrecht. Most university hospitals in the Netherlands have been using the precursor of Eqilence, ABC database in the last three years. The S-DAS application has its roots in this database.


S-DAS offers many benefits for its  users in the whole chain:

  • The scientist can search more efficiently.
  • The authorizing individual has better insight into the choices within the order process.
  • For the procurement manager: best price functionality through objective and dynamic price comparison.
  • The suppliers are guaranteed that their products will be part of each search in the system.
  • The management team will have far better insight due to an extensive business intelligence layer

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