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Saving procurement costs and working compliant with EU tender legislation. Eqilence has developed a unique specialized e-procurement module for lab chemicals, S-DAS.

Healthcare costs have increased over the years and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. The rise of these costs is caused by many factors and is difficult to manage. Hospitals, universities and healthcare companies spend billions of euros on medical products every year. The procurement process for many of these products is often set up professionally, especially in areas of expensive specialized equipment and commodities. However, the procurement process for lab chemicals is not yet optimized.


The E-procurement software for lab chemicals

S-DAS, Dynamic Purchasing System

S-DAS is a platform that is aiming at improving the correct product choice and the procurement of life science products. The platform is compliant with European procurement rules. This is done by enriching (big) data, improved process control and an extensive business intelligence layer. Our approach improves transparency, shortens the market chain and realize significant cost savings for our end clients.

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Who is S-DAS for?

The S-DAS is a Dynamic Purchasing System specially developed for institutions that work with lab chemicals. The S-DAS application provides a standardized database of over 20 million lab chemicals from all relevant suppliers worldwide. S-DAS offers many search options, dynamic price comparison and a very user-friendly user interface. The S-DAS application of EQILENCE can be easily and quickly implemented with the ERP system of Institutions. With the S-DAS application, our customers realize substantial savings of hundreds of thousands of euros annually on both purchasing costs and process costs. In addition, the S-DAS application directly complies with the latest EU Procurement Directive and expensive and time-consuming tender processes are a thing of the past.

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