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You need High Throughput Searching (HTS) in your lab!

Usually in the lab, when referring to HTS, we mean High Throughput Screening in which scientific experimentation using robotics, data processing/control software, liquid handling devices, and sensitive detectors test through tens of thousands to millions of samples for biological activity.

When we talk about HTS at EQILENCE we mean searching on your criteria in the S-DAS platform of EQILENCE through hundreds of millions of records using databases, data processing, control software and liquid cooling on multiple servers to find the right reagent, biological or chemical (RBC) product according to your conditions.

In this search, on the S-DAS platform of EQILENCE, the algorithm compares all the products on the fly on their product characteristics, prices and lead time based on your search criteria. These criteria may vary from product number to conjugate and from purity to composition. This means that we offer you the best compare on different axis of a product.

If you search for a product number, you will immediately see all equivalent products based on the product searched. This makes it possible for the first time to automatically compare products on objective criteria.

In practice, this means that you no longer have to go to Google to find out who supplies the product of your need. After finding it, you no longer have to ask the buyer if the product has this product in the standard catalogue of suppliers. If this is not the case, you no longer have to ask the purchasing department create a free text request.

For you this means the products of choice are even faster in the lab to do your research and no annoyance of calling, sending emails etc. You can concentrate on what you do best, research!


“Do you cover all products then?” we hear you ask. The audacious slogan we use is: “We cover 95% of all RBC products you use”. This figure is growing each day. We cover this 95% by assuring that we have all the comprehensive product information covered which is currently available within your institutes e-procurement system and, in addition, all the comprehensive product information which we already build up in the past years from other labs of hospitals and research institutes.

All this data is classified and standardized so we know exactly what you are looking for and actively support you with the various filters that apply.

With the S-DAS platform we empower the scientist to have his own dedicated environment in which he can easily search, order and track his products till they are on his lab worktop.

Therefore High Throughput Searching (HTS) should become a household name in your lab.

Come and join us for a live demo of the S-DAS platform. We demo for target audiences with a maximum of 5 people so we have room for in depth questions. Do not hesitate and click on this link or scan the QR code.

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