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Welcome to EQILENCE

Building new applications, redeveloping, or application management, EQILENCE is your proffesional partner.

EQILENCE provides SAAS solutions, business software and custom solutions for it's customers.

Company Background

Running a Successful Business Since 2010

EQILENCE came into existence almost 10 years ago. We started building our life science applications, that offered added social value to the scientific world. In doing so we created a team of professionals and with our gained experience started getting queries to build applications for customers. Due to the high cost and scarcity of skilled professionals in the market, we built up a large network of specialists in different countries, over the years. This has enabled us to guarantee that we can create the team needed for any project quicker and at a better price than our competitors.

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Our Projects

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How we work

Working Process

01 Step

Analyze the work processes

Our specialists will work with you to analyze the users and associated work processes for which your custom software is intended.

02 Step

Functionalities and roles

Who can do what with the software? This is worked out with the help of Wireframes.
This quickly highlights the problems in the process, making the development transparent and effective without surprises.

03 Step

We only develop what is really necessary!

The Minimum Viable Product is always our starting point, ensuring costs and development time remain within the boundaries of the ROI!

Which techniques do we support?

We support a wide range of tools and languages, with a focus on open source initiatives. We have a wide group of specialized people at your disposal who understand their profession!

Get In Touch

Contact with us for any information or inquiries


Wim Duisenbergplantsoen 31, 6221SE, Maastricht, The Netherlands


+ 31 (0) 43-2010660




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  • + 31 (0) 43-2010660
  • Wim Duisenbergplantsoen 31, 6221SE, Maastricht , The Netherlands